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Transportation History Books

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A - Train


by Charles W. Dryden

Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman $23.96
Confessions of a Train Watcher


by David Page Morgan

Four Decades of Railroad Writing $39.95
Getting Around


by H. Roger Grant

Exploring Transportation History $24.50
Iron Horse

A History of a Steam Engine

by Peter Lorie & Colin Garratt

A nostalgic study of the wonderful world of steam trains traces the history of the "iron horse" and examines its characteristics, great trains, railway lines, and the ways in which steam trains changed the course of world history. $19.95 (used)

no new books available

722 Miles


by Clifton Hood

The building of the subways and how they transformed New York $13.56
CTA at 45

by George Krambles

A History of the First 45 Years of the Chicago Transit Authority
The American Streamliner

by Donald J. Heimburger, Bryan Heimburger, Carl R. Byron, Don Heimburger


Prewar Years $44.95
100 Years of British Electric Tramways

by E. Jackson-Stevens

Historic look at British Tramways no new books available, Amazon committed to find used book
Air and Space

by Andrew Chaikin

The National Air and Space Museum Story of Flight $40
Nothing Like It in the World

by Steven E. Ambrose

The men who built the Transcontinental Railroad

1863 - 1869

Transit in British Columbia

by Brian Kelly

The First 100 Years $44.95

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