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Transportation Reference Books

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Cash, Tokens and Transfers A history of Urban Mass Transit in North America

Environmental Management for Road and Rail Transportation Systems Jane's Special Report


The Geography of Urban Transportation

by Susan Hanson

Three substantial introductory chapters are followed by seven chapters outlining various analytical approaches to transportation problems, balancing historical material with descriptions and analyses of travel at the aggregate and disaggregate levels, methodological presentations, and policy descriptions. $60.00
The Greening of Urban Transport

by R.S. Tolley

This book provides a stimulating and convincing argument for incorporating green modes of transportation in modern city transportation plans. It provides a primer on the green modes -- walking and cycling -- and describes theoretical considerations as well as practice in a variety of ways. $120.00
Jane's Urban Transport Systems Jane's Urban Transport Systems, 2000-2001

The Classic one, a must for all transportation professionals

The Next American Metropolis

Peter Calthorpe

This book presents 24 of Calthorpe's regional urban plans, in which towns are organized so that residents can be less dependent upon their Car Rentals and can walk, bike, or take public transportation between work, school, home, and shopping. This book is not just for architects and urban planners, but for all concerned citizens interested in developing a cohesive, feasible vision of the sustainable city of the future $24.95
Railway Conductors

by Edwin Clyde Robbins


A Study in organized Labor $32.50
Sustainability and Cities

by Peter Newman, Jeffrey Kenworthy

"Sustainability and Cities" examines the urban aspect of sustainability issues, arguing that cities are a necessary focus for that global agenda. The authors make the case that the essential character of a city's land use results from how it manages its transportation, and that only by reducing our automobile dependence will we be able to successfully accommodate all elements of the sustainability agenda. $40.00
The Transit Metropolis

by Robert Cervero

A number of metropolitan areas have in recent decades managed to mount cost-effective and resource-conserving transit services that provide alternatives to car travel. What sets these places apart? $45.00
Transit Villages in the 21st Century

by Michael Bernick, Robert Cervero

This timely guide shows urban planners, architects, and other professionals how this new approach to urban development spurs community development. 75 illustrations. $34.36
Transport Concepts in European Cities

by Tim Pharoah, Dieter Apel

Avebury Studies in Green Research $99.95
Transportation for Livable Cities

by Vukan R. Vuchic

Comprehensive guide for urban and suburban transportation related subjects. $29.95
Transportation Management Through Partnerships/T10

by Robert T. Dunphy

A Must for the serious CEO and Management $45.95
Transportation Planning

Transportation Research Record, No 1364

Programming, Land Use, and Applications of Geographic Information Systems $60.30
Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering

  by Butterworthy-Heinemann

For senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in transport and traffic engineering -Also of value to practising engineers and urban planners 'Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering' is a comprehensive textbook on the relevant principles and practice. $125.00
Transport Planning in Third World Cities

by H.T. Dititriou

Extensive Reference Book covering all aspects of subject thoroughly $85.50

used only available

Transport Policy and the Environment

by David Banister

Transport Policy and the Environment presents for the first time the results of extensive research: * quantifying the contribution of transport to environmental problems; * assessing the options for resolving those problems $85.00
Travel By Design

by Marlon G. Boarnet, Randall Crane

As a systematic assessment of attempts to solve transportation problems through urban design, this book asks and answers three questions: Can such efforts work? Will they be put into practice? Are they a good idea? $65.00
Urban Land-Use and Transport Interaction: Policies and Models

by F.V. Webster, P.H. Bly

Vital Information, Statistics, several Models $79.95

used only available

Urban Transportation Planning in the United States

by Edward Weiner

A definitive, brief institutional overview of urban transportation planning in the US from 1920 to the present. The book is a highly readable, nontechnical summary of a rich and diverse decision-making arena that mirrors faithfully the changing dynamic of urban life and politics in America in the late 20th century. $59.95
Urban Transportation Planning

by Michael D. Meyer, Eric J. Miller

The book can serve as an ideal textbook for both undergraduate and graduate courses in Urban Transportation Planning. It fills an appropriate and important niche by giving proper emphasis to what "actors" and activities can influence the quality of the planning process and its eventual impact on a community. $110.00
Urban Public Transportation Systems

by the American Society of Civil Engineers, edited by Murthy V.A. Bondada,

Describes the urban public transportation systems of 25 large cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Beijing, Chicago, and London, analyzing socio- economic characteristics, land use and travel patterns. $63.20
Urban Travel Demand Modeling

by Norbert Oppenheim, Robert Oppenheim

For senior- and graduate-level courses, as well as for transportation professionals, academics, and researchers, Oppenheim (Institute for Transportation Systems, CUNY) presents state-of-the-art modeling techniques that can be used to predict and plan for transportation problems as well as other activities such as land use, city planning, and traffic engineering. $160.00

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