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Welcome to Heinz Hammer's

Routes, The Sequel

Chapter Five

Transpo Toons

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How could I know the bus was coming? It usually doesn't show up!" (Spain)
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"Please use your car. Thank you." (Germany)
New cost cutting measures
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Further cost cutting measures (Germany)
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Daily Dilemma: "What should I wear?" (Al Ramirez, Phoenix, USA)
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"Four spaces left, you, and one more..." (Spain)
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"But Officer, this is my route, I'm not cruising! (Al Ramirez, Phoenix, USA)
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Long lasting cost saving measures (Mike Rudyk, Canada)

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"Hop in! I'm the Bus!" (Germany)
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"Supervisor's Help" (Al Ramirez)
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by Cindy Buckshon (original)
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forwarded by Mike Slavin
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Response to Fare Increases according to Murphy (Vancouver Province, 1988)
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From Life in the Curb Lane, by Kathie Klassen

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