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Reader's comments

Here are a few comments received from
the readers of ROUTES by Heinz Hammer

Robert Struttons, Walnut Creek, California
You should load up the bins and hit the road.
It took two hours to read the first two chapters, I laughed so hard. Good work. I can't think of a transit agency in North America who wouldn't host a book signing and sale.

Andy Towert, Vancouver, Canada
I have just finished my first dip into Heinz Hammer's ROUTES. What a wonderful upper it is! I can't remember when I last so relished a book: the anecdotes are funny, heartwarming, human - and fluently presented, with a distinct aura of gentleness about them (yea, even the most risque ones!)... I shall cherish mine, and when my driving days are over, I shall remember them much better humouredly with another dip into it's pages!

Merja Hoskonen, Joensuu, Finland
So many thanks for all the laughs...

P. Waiters, Chicago, IIl
I just finished reading your book. Just great!! Thank you for some good, solid entertainment. I hope you do it again!

Stuart M. Hodgson, CEO of BC Transit, Vancouver, Canada
ROUTES provides a deep insight into human nature and shows that behind the hustle and bustle of the everyday world of transit, there are many people who are kind, compassionate and interesting. If you have problems wondering what life is all about, ROUTES will help restore faith in human nature and the cosmos.

Donald Duke, Publisher, San Marino
Your book is very nicely done...

J. McCracken, Edinburgh, Scotland
Routes restores faith in humanity..

J. Lyons, Los Angeles
I can hardly wait for the sequel. . .

Abdellatif Chaffii, Casablanca, Morocco
I would like to congratulate you for the excellent and original idea behind such impressive endeavour. The end product is delightful and highly appreciated by mass transit professionals and the public at large.

Uwe Schmitz, Hamburg, Germany
After reading your book I find my job a lot easer and more colorful. I actually enjoy people now because I see them in a different light. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Jack Webster, Canadian TV and Radio Personality
Have some great laughs...

W. Robinson, Toronto, Canada
A real delight....

Joy Metcalfe, Broadcaster, Canada
Just marvelous!

A. Johnston, London, England
A great morale booster.. An absolute must for anyone associated with transit.

P. Huysgens, Amsterdam, Netherlands
A great book. Thank you so much.

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